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Changing Your Address or Phone Number During Term of Notary Commission

Florida law requires that all notaries public must report any change in their home or business address or telephone number in writing to the Department of State within 60 days of the change. ยง 117.01(2), Fla. Stat.

Moving Out of State?

A Florida notary commission is not transferable to another state. Additionally, because you are a public officer appointed for the State of Florida, you must resign your commission if you change your legal residency and move out of state. You should submit a written letter of resignation to the Governor's Office (click on the Attachments link from either the top or bottom menu), specifying an effective date, and return your notary commission certificate (the original, not a copy). You should also destroy your seal or return it to our office. Be sure to fill out this Address Change form with your new address, as the Governor will send you an acceptance letter acknowledging your resignation.

With this application you can change your Employer Address.

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