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Suretyware is officially approved by the Florida Department of Financial Services to file your application electronically. We offer the easiest and fastest method of obtaining, renewing or updating your notary commission in a secure environment.

We pride ourselves on our support both during the application process and after you have been issued your commission. We have designed this application to make the process fast and easy.

None of the information you enter is captured or stored by the Suretyware website. Period.

Florida Notary Applications - Get Started Now!

You can become a notary public for $121.99.
Our basic package includes:

  • $5,000 of Errors & Omissions Protection
  • State Required $7,500 Notary Bond for the term of your commission
  • State filing fee
  • Customized Self-Inking Stamp
  • Certificate suitable for display

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This application is designed to take your input from a series of questions and merge them into a PDF template - thus saving time, both in generating and processing your application through the state's notary system.

Your decision to use Suretyware means your application will have greater accuracy and legibility - both are very good things.

We want you to make us Your Florida Notary Headquarters.

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The Suretyware process works great on Windows based computers that have a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader. If you need the PDF reader you can click on the Adobe icon to the left. Install it and then return here to complete your application process.

adobe reader link through iTunes

Suretyware also works great if you are using an Apple product. Adobe has a reader for iPad and Mac OS that can be installed via iTunes. Click on the Apple iTunes logo on the left - download - install - then return here. You are ready to start your notary application.

Please note that all forms generated from Suretyware will be converted to PDF's and will be sent by encrypted email to your Personal Email address as an attachment. These email(s) must be responded to within 2 hours.

You will also be able to view the form in whatever PDF reader you have installed on your system.

If you have a specific request or any questions concerning your notary commission, please contact us at (727) 578-4400. We look forward to serving you.

Just click on one of the menu items at the top or bottom of the page to get the process started.

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